Bragging selfishly

The thirst will never be quenched.

Note; for data conservation purposes (which don't exist) I'll only post a fraction of what I have

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/GrandOrder main account

Dragalia Lost

Ieyasu random, unneeded pull

I liked Ieyasu so much that I summoned 5 more times after getting him, knowing it will yield me results that I don't need (surprised pikachu)

Fire Emblem Heroes


Example of while I was trying to get merge 10 veronica (afterwards it took 220 orbs to get another copy wth)

Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy account Granblue Fantasy account. actually, this is the NORMAL amount of 5-stars, usually by then, 35 5-stars are needed and expected

Epic Seven


Touken Ranbu


Bleach Brave Souls


yes, i like him. What are you going to do about it? ;D

he looks so funny here.

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