Why haven't I gotten a 5-star yet? Sorry that I used this from Lesson 3

Why are 5-stars hard to get?

5-stars in Gacha games are not easy to get, so don't feel bad about not getting one immediately after downloading it. They generally have a low rate of appearance, actually. In my experience, I only had successful pulls because I had alt accounts for select games (which, I know, it's shameful).Rates for a 5-star vary for each gacha game in a phone.

General rates and what they mean

There are several gacha games I play and all of them have different rates of 5-stars:

But generally getting a 5 star is hard for each game no matter the rate: most of the time, the rate of NOT getting a 5-star is above 90%, which means that 90% of the time you summon, you wouldn't get anything special.

Don't Brag

Just because you got a 5-star doesn't mean you're better than anyone else in the game. For example, if you got a Shikoutei in Fate/Grand Order doesn't mean that you are "ultimately god-like" in the game... You have to know how to use this unit! Some other people can use 3 or 4 stars way better than how you can use a 5 star, and that's a fact. Getting a 5-star is NOT a skill, don't brag it like it is! My sister and I play Epic Seven, and although she doesn't have that many 5-stars as I do, she knows how to get beyond my level without having to use as many 5-stars as I. (Though tbh I just get 5-stars because they are husbando material, hehe)

Husbandos I want: Arjuna Alter, Shikoutei, Hijikata Toushizou, Baal, Curran, Frost, Nnoitra, Ulquiorra, Szayel porro, Jushiro, Reinhart, more to come...

Shikoutei pull in Fate/Grand Order

I consider it lucky to get 1 Shikoutei even if I spent 2900 saint quartz along with 234 summon tickets,


How to get In-Game Currency without spending your precious cash

  1. Log-in every day (or at least after the time when a new game day starts).
  2. Complete the daily missions. These include:
  3. Remember to not spend on impulse, I know I can't follow this rule but it'll help
  4. Complete the event missons (if there are any going on currently) because they generally give alot of rewards and items you need, and they are temporary (meaning that they don't stay in the game for a long time: try to complete the quests before they die out!)
  5. After everything is done, you can finally do the main quest (since main quests will always be there).
  6. In addition, if there are extra opportunities to gain currency, take them while you do the main quests. These include:

But don't look at me like I'm FTP, I am a dolphin but not a whale, nor virgen.. I do some paid gachas as well.

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