I don't like anyone in real life, because frankly, THEY'RE TOO UGLY and this is all the internet's fault. Now I won't get a husband because I'm too attached to a png image of a guy.

So, wanna see how many guys I like or liked in my entire lifespan? (I might not remember some, so there might be more than listed)

  1. 2008-2011 (ds): meta knight
  2. 2013-2015: marth, phoenix wright, edgeworth, sebastian michaelis, mettaton
  3. 2016-2018 (before I got a phone/laptop): sherlock holmes, robert crogley, matt engarde, stahl, takumi, xander
  4. 2018 (when I got internet access): sherlock holmes, sherlock holmes, sherlock holmes, arthur pendragon, sigurd, gawain, nikola tesla, karna, enkidu, gilgamesh, sakamoto ryoma, merlin, shi huang di, hijikata toshizo, ashiya douman, mikazuki munechika, oodenta mitsuyo, uguisumaru, tomoegata, mikoto, tristan, paracelsus, innes
  5. 5
  6. 2019: ieyasu, baal, belial, sariel, percival, grimnr, naoise, freyr, yurius, prometheus, goro akechi, ren amamiya, yusuke kitagawa, nijisaki, asclepius, arjuna (alter), kayron, krau, baal(and sezan), violet, nnoitra, urahara, izuru, shinji, ichimaru, byakuya, szayel, jushiro, ulquiorra, yumechika
  7. 3

That's 65 in total, not including ones I may have forgotten or slightly liked ::)).

and yes I am very loyal, i only switch like every month

And guess what I'm going to do.... I'm going to rank all of the husbandos from 64 to 1!!! YeS I Am VeRY OK


Meta Knight from Kirby

One of my first crushes, but it's a f##king alien


Marth from Fire Emblem

Love him to bits but he's married


Urahara From Bleach

A big boomer that is possibly married, i'm too lazy to check sooo.. But he is so funny. He's one of the comedy reliefs of the anime that are more on the tolerable side.


Sigurd From Fate/Grand Order

Hot but also 'married' to Brynhildr


Innes from Fire Emblem

I think he's in love with someone. The only reason I like him is because he looks like Sherlock. Otherwise, he's an arsehole.


Sherlock from BBC Sherlock

The only real-life person I like. Canonically, he's not married...In real life he is. But he's old as hell and i'm like, a zoomer

ok i'll stop with the married stuff now.


Nijisaki from 999

I've only liked him for his looks, but literally his personality is unknown, 'cause he's just a side antagonist. Like, a side antagonist who was forgotten. It's very sad. I mean, he died before we could even see him in the game.


Tristan from Fate/Grand Order

Haven't really looked at his personality so much, but I remember it being bad? I'm too lazy to check. But I find him charming none the less


Arthur Pendragon from Fate/Grand Order

He could be higher on the list because he's very handsome with a nice personality. But since he's shipped with his master in Fate/Strange night, I think I'll give him some space on the fangirling!


Yumechika from Bleach

He's adorable and very funny whenever he gets a comic skit. Except I'm not into a person who's full of himself that much


Szayel from Bleach

Also pretty full of himself but the glasses and pink hair get me. His 'Resureccion' puts him at a higher position because of a certain type I like (you'll see why as you go up the list).


Naoise from Granblue Fantasy

He's very cute. I just don't know his personality that much.


Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney

Probably one of the only characters on this list who I like for personality more than looks (because that's rare for me these days). He's just so funny without acting as though he's funny, idk it's so hard to explain. He likes Dahila/Iris so he stays here out of respect.


Paracelsus from Fate/Grand Order

Very cute. You can see that I just like guys if they fit long hair well. Because real life guys with long hair make me think "hippie"... It really isn't the case in a fake world :/. He also seems really gentle.


Robert Crogley from Dai Gyakuten Saiban

Because of lack of fanart and a short appearance, the hype was short-lived (it was fun while it lasted). I honestly don't know why I like him, I guess it's the aesthetic or something. Otherwise, he's a slightly arrogant person.


Sakamoto Ryoma from Fate/Grand Order

He's a carrier in FGO because he's a very good rider (aside from Quetzalcoatl). He's literally so good in my farming quests. He gets a medal of honor from me by his placement on #50, which is my favorite number. Ryoma is 'engaged' to Oryu-san even though he doesn't really like it too much.


Tomoegata from Touken Ranbu

Same as Robert, idk why I liked them, I think aesthetics has to do something with it. Except.. Maybe it's not infatuation at all?! What if it was just aesthetics this whole time??!!


Sariel from Granblue Fantasy

I love his design so much, but I skipped on the "what makes the sky blue" stories, so I really don't know much about him. But I would love to get him someday to see his fate episodes!


Prometheus from Dragalia Lost

He's so cute. I remember hyping up a dragon-daddy to summon for, and cygames finally released him. It's like a dream come true (and they did it again with Apollo)! Except he's a twink. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I find it kinda silly with his coat open to show very mild muscles :D


Mikoto from Dragalia Lost

He's cool and he got the same voice actor as Sigurd. The voice actor is amazing by the way. He's top tier in battles and husbando tier lists. The only thing wrong with him is the fact that he didn't even come to my team after 20000 wyrmite.


Matt Engarde from Ace Attorney

Did you see him in the anime tho?! he's so cute I swear i cant. even. His role as the antagonist is also amazing because he executes it so well. He's got a girlfriend that dumped him bruh.


Baal (and sezan) from Epic Seven

Underrated best boi. I believe his full name is Baal Chanel, which makes me even more happy. He serves so much purpose in my team composition with destina, bellona, and blood blade karin so well that they don't really do well without him. In his ML form he regards sezan as his lover.


Yurius from Granblue Fantasy

Underrated husbando material, I think it's because the four round table knights and sandalphon exist. Or it might be because he morphed with a literal tentacle monster, which is a fanfiction I would gladly sign up for. In his fate episode he was literally naked in the hot spring, i will sacrifice my blood by the nose.



Stahl from Fire Emblem

He's pretty unique and he's got such a boi personality. Please protect him. I don't think he should fight anymore.


Izuru from Bleach

Cute with an adorable personality as well. He's so emotionally insecure and so not confident. Please let me pat his head repeatedly until he feels better. He's so husbando material, and he has the best moments whenever he excessively drinks alcohol. He's literally wasted 3/4 of the time because of the incident with gin. Just remember that people like me love you so much dude you're so adorable


Freyr from Granblue fantasy

Only a summon, but he literally is the most beautiful design (in my opinion) in the whole summon pool of Granblue fantasy. Due to lack of fanart, he's not really high on the list. But I would wait for the moment...


Takumi from Fire Emblem

He hates you at first, but the bond conversations really deepen his personality. And I don't care if it's 'incest' or not, i'd smash so hard the screen would break. In FEH he carries my team with fjorm, leif, and veronica. He deserves my love and headpats, come here boi.


Krau from Epic Seven

Hot. I don't dig blond hair too much but he is absolute husbando for lots of people and I understand why.


Arjuna (alter) from Fate/Grand Order

Wasn't very into him at first but then I looked at his 4th ascension.. then I looked at his buster card animation. It's the aesthetic, sound effects, and art. You completely ravanged me in gacha with 10 normal-arse pulls, what's the deal? You don't want to come to my chaldea so that you can get headpats???!! COME HOME I SWEAR!! (I think it's because I have karna...)


Baal from Granblue Fantasy

Hot, he 'rocks' the long hair and the electric guitar perfectly. Let me smash. let me smash. I wasn't able to pull on his banner. (regret)


Gin Ichimaru from Bleach

I know that he loves Ranjiku but I don't care, I like him too. It's ok if he kills me. His role as the misinterpreted antagonist is played perfectly well, and it makes me have sympathy for him. and his f**king eyes. his eeyyess.


Gilgamesh from Fate/Grand Order

He's cute, but an arsehole. A really big one. But he's way better than those OCs like emiya or sieg, 'cause they get girls for no reason. Gilgamesh plays so well in my FGO team that it's so hard to regard him as a bad, useless person. His AOE buster attack is really helpful in my challenge/main quests. Thanks for coming to my chaldea!


Xander from Fire Emblem

Ok, what I said about blonde hair isn't quite true now that I'm listing them pretty high up in the list. Xander is one of those people who absolutely rules the blond hair. It's curly, too. He's arrogante, but at the same time a little sweet, so he's got some nice character.


Grimnr from Granblue Fantasy

I don't know much about him, but he's the summon I mostly summoned for because he's adorable. He's also OP and he saved my team a numerous amount of times. You get the medal of honor because I suck at playing!


Ulquiorra from Bleach

Please save him. He's a crying carn and he doesn't know what a heart is. He also doesn't possess any emotion, like at all, so that's intimidating to me. He also calls humans trash. So why does he rank so high up? It's because his battle with Ichigo near the end was the most epic of the series. I can argue that it's better than that Aizen battle with Ichigo. (spoiler) His resurreccion is a literal dragon. A humanoid dragon. I love dragons. Therefore I love ulquiorra. It's implied that he likes Orihime, so I hope they meet up again sometime.


Percival from Granblue Fantasy

Hot but arrogant, like the other people on this list. He ranks very high because of his white day gift illustration.


Hijikata Toshizo from Fate/Grand Order

A carry in my FGO account. When people say he's a low-tier servant, it makes me like him even more, because every one of them are wrong. You have to utilize his guts at the right time, and use it as a gambling system. He either dies that turn or not. That buster-up effect buffs the whole team, up to 20-30%, and that crit star steal would help his buster cards as well. He also likes japanese pickled radish. He's an underrated dad.


Enkidu from Fate/Grand Order

My precious clay that deals so much damage at the right time. The only thing I have questions about is its gender. it's got slightly masculine arms, but a feminine face shape. What am I supposed to feel about that??? Should I be concerned if I like it?


Kayron from Epic Seven

He's hot, what can I say. He's also glowing in my favorite color, violet-red. He rules the "evil" role in the game, even though I skipped most of the story. Actually, I might just like him for his looks...


Byakuya from Bleach

He's very very intimidating and he lost his wife a while ago. So that eliminates any chance of anyone, let alone me, to get along with him. But he's beautiful. Really beautiful. His zampakto is very beautiful as well.


Tesla from Fate/Grand Order

I put him high up in the list because both his real life person and his design is quite pleasing. I also put him high in the list so that he would probably be more likely to come to my chaldea. One thing to note is that when he is featured in Craft Essences, he looks beautiful in a lot of them.


Asclepius from Fate/Grand Order

The only 3-star character that I am able to utilize well in my cost-efficient teams. I'm glad I np5'd and grailed him because he deserves it. He's also pretty and I like the artist/style as well.


Edgeworth from Ace Attorney

I don't know I find him very similar to Byakuya because he's an arrogant arsehole as well. The fourth case in the first game really fortified his character, though. (I still think that that case is really good.)


Mettaton from Undertale

It's silly but yeah, I actually found him charming. But it's a damn robot, and somehow he ranks high upon the people beforehand for unknown reasons.


Goro Akechi from Persona 5

He deserves to be higher because he is a very complicated but well constructed character. However, I don't think we'll get along too well because of misunderstandings... But he does not deserve the hate from the community whatsoever. Blame it on the story telling, his end was kinda sudden.

Also he's cute af


Nnoitra from Bleach

(Yay top 20!) He's scary. If I ever meet him in real life I'd die. But that is what I like in a guy it's just excitement of being killed by the person you admire (jk jk)! He's a well constructed character, but I happened to skip some of the episodes he was featured in because I didn't want to see that OC nel.


Gawain from Fate

I didn't see Fate/Last Encore yet but he already captured my heart in FGO. He's so dad. I skipped Camelot but I just read his lines and he just slaps. I bet if I were to watch the anime I would place him a lot higher on the list but I am afraid if they give me any more ocs


Uguisumaru from Touken Ranbu

He looks like Sherlock and he nails the look, I call him a green tea bird sher. He carries my team in Touken Ranbu and so he gets a medal of honor. Thanks for coming home!


Mikazuki Munechika from Touken Ranbu

He is a very attractive, young-looking grandpa. He's a boomer even if he don't look like it. (That's the best part).. I just wanna chill with hm with a nice matcha drink.


Belial from Granblue Fantasy

Hot beast. He is so secks. Are you seeing this though he's so hot it's melting my phone screen. I don't think he's interested in girls though, he's interested in "sodomy" and its canon, go check it out. He's so hot that Japan's servers crashed once he was released as a summon.


Shinji from Bleach

Ok, I wouldn't have liked him if I looked into the internet. There were these forums that were expressing love for their bleach husbandos, and I was surprised to see a decent amount of people really liked shinji. I was saying, "but he's weird looking" and the others were saying "he's hot af". So I looked at him in the episodes, and yeah i can 100% confirm he is hot, maybe it's just majority opinion. He has many tags in pixiv too, so its legit, and now I can't stop thinking about this dude. It might be his smile or something. (but i don't know if we would get along ;( )


Merlin from Fate/Grand Order

HUGE carry in my team. You deserve top 20 because not only do you look divine and a sher at the same time, you made my team 100 times better. Such a busted dude. You deserve a big hug. Though I heard you were a pp


Oodenta from Touken Ranbu

My ultimate carry in Touken Ranbu. I went into the game because of him, and waited for the stamp exchange to play the game. He's so cute look at his face tho. How can you be so cute and hot at the same time. Thank you for coming home!


Sherlock from Fate/Grand Order

Yes, what is my obsession with him? I don't know either. But he carries my team and his voice is just too much. He is my first ruler servant, and a good one to stick with too. He helped me in all of the challenge quests and main story arcs so far without a single mess up, so he deserves the praise! He's also really nice looking ;)


Violet from Epic/Seven

I initially didn't like him as much as the other epic seven husbandos I listed above, but he gets a high position on the board out of respect for saving me that one time in abyss, floor 40 or so. He also has a likeable personality in my opinion (and he seems to be more approachable than others). So thanks for coming home! I'll promote you someday when I have the materials


Woohoo! Top Ten! And I think I miscounted something now that I look at this

Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Of course because he's the OC of the anime, he's literally the main reason why girls love the anime, but I am also a victim. The anime itself is pretty much for edgy teens. I can't help but feel depressed after mostly all of the seasons, like they make you laugh in the middle but it makes you cry in the end knowing everything isn't the same, like that sucks dude. The only reason why I still like the anime is because he's pretty badarse and hot, tho.


Ieyasu from Dragalia lost

I still think he's a better unit than anyone else in the game, even gala cleo fight me. It's because he was the peak unit under the last director (aka the golden age of the game), and now that a new director came along, more and more waifus are getting added (and they all look ***king the same). The ONLY reason (and I'm telling you, that's one) why I still login is because of him. He's like the perfect husbando in all aspects, like he nails the long hair, and he's serene, and he's divine, etc. He's just a perfect unit in dragalia and he does well in all quests, no matter the element. I love you so much and don't die on me dude.


Ren Amamiya from Persona 5 (or akira kurusu, whatever)

Damn. Look at this guy, they managed to make the protagonist hotter than many other characters I know. The illustrator nailed it! Does it count as narcissistic though? I don't know. But he is a memer on Twitter and that just made him even more funny and relatable. He is a bit of an oc though because he can make all of the girls and even the guys flock to him later on in the story, but it's fine since they still have problems with eachother like normal human beings (cough, apocrypha, cough).


Jushiro from Bleach

Protect and care. I thought I was the only one who loved him until I searched him up in the internet 4 years after I knew him. Yes, I actually knew bleach from its DS game, and jushiro was the person from the game I remember the most. When I was like 10 I played Bleach, blade of fate on my dsi and I stuck to it because that "white long-haired dude" was interesting. What's more is that when I abuse the attack buttons he also coughs randomly, and it made me feel a little sad for him. Now this year I finally gather the courage to watch the actual anime on hulu and I can tell you, I wasn't disappointed about him at all. He IS cute! I can argue that he had a better personality build than other captains and he seems to be the most capable as well. He's such a respectable boomer I just want to drink hot matcha with him.


Yusuke from Persona 5

I relate to him, though not in the 'artistic' way, I'm not that addicted to art. But we both are aquariuses. If you pay attention to him in the game, he does these random things that just make him stand out. While the persona group was watching the tv in the coffee shop, Yusuke continued to study. For that whole scene he just didn't say anything, he just had his eyes glued to his paper, until one of the members mentions food. Then he says something. Like ISNT THAT ADORABLE. And you can catch him doing really aquarius things such as snacking before infiltrating a palace or bringing lobsters home for artistic values, you can tell this guy was a true man of culture.


Sherlock Holmes from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Holy crap twaddle you do have an addiction. I can't help it, his brain power is the size of his large pp I can't take it anymore. All of his adventures were so interesting and so daring. It made both Watson and Holmes very courageous, and the way the stories unfolded, it also emphasized the relationships between them. I think that Holmes was the English OC of the 20th century but Arthur Conan Doyle got away with it because it was still pretty original, deductions, consultant detective and all. The stories and descriptions about him make him seem really handsome too so I'm just gonna enter my fantasy land goodbye


Ashiya Douman from Fate/Grand order

Hot. Look at him. He's my absolute type. That stare and that hair... but that's basically it, he fit all of my 'fetishes' but I wasn't really sure what his personality was like. He's not popular in America and it's understandable especially how he isn't released as a servant yet. But he needs to be. People said he was an asshole but what if it was just in relation to muramasa or amakusa or musashi? I don't know anything to be sure, I just knew he was a hot alterego. I hope he gets to be a servant soon.


Karna from Fate/Grand order

He isn't the first place Fate character in my husbando tier list but he certainly is like one in my life. I have more merch of him than anyone else, it's almost obsessive. I'm looking at my study table only and I count 4 merch of him. That doesn't even count my bedroom (which I'm not going to tell). Actually, that doesn't seem like alot, but for me it is! I just love him to pieces! He was the first Fate/Grand order character I wanted, and failed to get initially as well. I remember the day when I saw him in JP, in the support section. He looked so interesting, like IDK how Pako did it but he really did look indian yet jap? but he was certainly handsome. When I tried him out he also 'spoke with an indian tone', I couldn't really distinguish it as japanese (bruh why am I talking about this). Anyway I liked him and I failed to get him initially with 360 quartz and summon tickets, so I delete that account and get some others, eventually I get him and all of that labor was worth it. (after 1200 quartz and 60-70 ticks). He's got a surprisingly cute personality, and a really cute blushing sprite. Pako, I love you. Karna carried me through all the way in JP and I got him at max stats, and he's the top in my Chaldea. Thank you thank you so much for coming, I mean it!


Sherlock Holmes from Dai Gyakuten Saiban

Oh you think that I was done with sherlocks but I didn't say I stop, huh? Sorry this will be the last one. This sherlock is actually the first sherlock I saw in my life, it's because I played ace attorney and I loved the franchise. I tried finding more games of it, then I see the game, Dai Gyakuten Saiban (great ace attorney). The cover had this really nice looking guy that automatically captured my heart. Just look at him though. he's so pretty. So naturally I got interested in the game (as you know the pattern), and I watch the subbed gameplay on youtube (check out dai gyakuten saiban channel on yt). He was more of an adorable retard than I had expected a sherlock to be. But it was perfect. He had such a good personality, and he acted as a great companion to naruhodo. He's a perfect dad!! I hope they localize DGS sometime in the future, please support the Ace Attorney Series!



Shikoutei from Fate/Grand Order (Shi huang di)!!!

This is it! Shikoutei is the final and best husbando! Not only is he a carrier in the team, he has the best personality and looks. He's divine and a tolerable king obsessed with mercury (which is bad for you kids). Like he fits my 'fetish' "He's kinda intimidating, but also kinda nice". He's so pretty as well! I have yet to read his story in SIN but seeing some of his skits, I just want to love him to bits. He fits so well in my stall and tank teams! Since he's in my main account with sherlock he literally charges NP every turn. He hits like a damn truck despite the original attack! GO BLUE RULER DADDIES I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I would love to explore china with him!


Twaddle is a biased person when it comes to ranking and considers people mostly on looks, valor, and length of hair. All of these people should be loved the same!!